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Short English Essay For Odisha Students: "My School / The School I Read In"

Mar 10, 2016 | Views
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Short English Essay For Odisha Students: "My School / The School I Read In"


The school I go to
Location of the school
Teachers, pupils and Results
Other Facilities of the school

A man cannot forget his school-life throughout his life, School is a — worship place for all the students. School is such a mirror in which we see a unity in diversity (difference).

I read in — Chandrasekhar High School, Demando. It is situated away from the crowd and noises of the city. It is spread over about two and half acres of land. We have two blocks in our school; one is for administration and other for academics (Education or learning). On the ground floor there are class rooms, library room, science laboratory, staff common room and guest room. 

We have 350 students reading from Class Six  to class Ten with twelve teachers dedicated (very sincere) to teaching. All the teachers are very hard working and sincere to their jobs. All the teachers and students are regular and punctual (time-bound). The result of my school has always been encouraging. Last year our students of Class Ten brought the school huge credit with fifty students securing above 90% results.

We have a big playground in our school. Our cricket and football players always get first position at zonal (regional) and district level. There is a big and well-furnished library. The science lab (laboratory) provides students with latest knowledge of science and experiments.

Work is worship. So it is — very essential (very necessary) that our working place should be ideal and in a pollution-free environment. School is a place where a child gets overall development. I like my school very much.

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