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BSE Odisha "Supplementary HSC Exam 2018 Online Form Fillup" Process, Read How to Apply Online

May 27, 2018 | Views
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BSE Odisha Supplementary HSC Exam 2018 Online Form Fillup Process, Read How to Apply Online APPLICATION FOR FILLING UP OF FORMS FOR SUPPLEMENTARY HIGH SCHOOL CERTIFICATE                             EXAMINATION, 2018,, 10th matric supplementary exam 2018 for fill up 2018, odisha school 10th exam mp malpractice, fail students, supplementary online form fillup 2018.
BSE Odisha, now inviting Online application or form fill up  of forms for Supplementary High School Examination (Matric) 2018. The online application shall remain live from 2405/2018.


a. The filling up of application forms shall be done through ONLINE mode only on visiting the website from 24/05/2018, 08.00 am onwards.

b. Last date for filling up of application forms (deposit of fee) without fine :- 39/05/2018, 11.45 pm.

c. Last date for final submission of application forms of those candidates who have deposited fee by 31/05/2018  Midnight.


1. The Authority to LOGIN for School Regular & Ex-Regular candidates shall be the Head of the institution and no one else.

2. Similarly Dy. Secretary, Zonal Offices of the BSE, Odisha shall be the Authority to Login for Correspondence Course Regular & Ex-Regular candidates.

3. The Authorities to login will remain responsible if the application of their candidates could not be submitted within the stipulated time.

4. The ONLINE registration shall be done on visiting the website .or click on below button.



6. 'Login to your account" will be displayed on the screen.

7. 'Enter School code & Password' and LOGIN. Password is same that has already been used by you during filling up of forms for the Annual H.S.C Examination-2017 and registration of your teachers.

8. In case you have forgotten your password, click "Click Here" shown below the Login Screen to get your password. Password will be sent in your registered email ID

The Main Interface, Click to Enlarge

9. Click on "Login" button to go to next page i.e 'School Profile'.

10. The Sl. No.05 to 10 of the School Profile can be edited provided the Headmaster/ Headmistress has been transferred or if phone nos have been changed. In case Headmaster/ Headmistress has been changed, the signature of the present Headmaster/ Headmistress shall be uploaded.

11. After editing the School Profile, click on 'Submit' button to go to the next page "List of existing candidates".

12. "List of existing candidates" contains the data of the following candidates.
A) The enrolled candidates who have not filled up application forms for A.H.S.C examination-2016 
B) M.P, ABS & F grade candidates of AHSC Examination, 2018.

13. Select the candidates from the said list and you will be directed to enter the Appearing Code and upload the Photograph of the candidate (size as 50 KB in JPEG, .JPG & .PNG format). If appearing code is "C", select the subject code correctly.

14. Continue the said process till you complete filling up of forms of all the interested candidates.

15. In case any eligible candidates picked in examinations as below desire to fill up application form for Supplementary HSC Examination, they shall also be allowed to fill up forms under the section "Other Candidates".

16. For candidates at 15(i) to (iv), the Admit Card / Mark sheet of the last examination appeared shall be uploaded and permission letter shall be uploaded for the candidates under category 15(v) (The size of the document uploaded shall be within 100 KB and in JPEP, .JPG or.PNG format).

17. If Appearing Code 'C' is selected, the correct appearing subjects shall be selected.

18. In no case Subject or Appearing Code shall be changed after filling up of forms. Headmaster/ Headmistress should cautiously fill up the forms, failing which he/ she will be held responsible and shall be proceeded departmentally.

19. After completing the filling up of forms of all eligible candidates, the section "Registered Students List of Edit" to be clicked to view and edit the data. This is the last option given to Head of institutions to edit and thereafter no correction shall be entertained and he/she shall be held responsible for the lapse. Only the minor correction has to be effected and not the entire data to replace a candidate.

20. Thereafter click 'Payment' Section and click on "Generate Pay in Slip" button to take out the print copy of Pay-in-Slip and logout.

21. Deposit the fee through Pay-in-slip in the nearest SBI Branch.

22. Revisit the LINK again and enter the journal number & SUBMIT.

23. Give the declaration as displayed & move to the page 'Descriptive Roll" page.

24. Take the print copy of the "Descriptive Roll" & preserve for further use and reference.

25. After completion of the process, if some candidates have been left out, their filling up of forms can also be taken up afresh on visiting the LINK again.

26. Correspondence Course (Regular & Ex-Regular) candidates shall fill up their application forms through their respective zonal offices.

27. The authorities to login for CC Candidates will the Deputy Secretary of Zonal Offices of the Board.

28. All the USERS should note that, password meant for their schools/ zones must not be shared with any other person. They shall do the form fill up work themselves or with the help of operators/ teachers.

29. Eligibility for Compartmental Appearance :- 
The "F" grade candidates who have scored more or equal to 198 marks in aggregate, but scored less than 30% of marks in one or more subjects are eligible to appear in those subjects compartmentally in next three consecutive chances. The candidate will loose compartmental appearance, if he/ she has not appeared in the next examination in which he/ she is eligible to appear compartmentally.

30. Fee Structure :-
Examination Fee (Per Candidate)
School Regular Candidate - Rs.383/-.
School Ex-Regular Candidate - Rs.475/-
Correspondence Course Regular - Rs.475/-.
Correspondence Course Ex-Regular - Rs.475/-.
Center Change - Rs. 100/- per candidate which will be deposited at the zonal office after obtaining permission from the Head Office.

31. The downloaded copy of the Descriptive Rolls along with Board copy of the Pay-in Slip have to be deposited with the respective zonal offices on or before 19/05/2016.



  1. listing, if we registration copy print time technical any problem (power cut, computer restart etc.....) that time how to further we print this copy ?

  2. if what will do registration direct print time (without convert,word ,excel any...) technical problem time(ex-power cut, computer restart )that moment what we will do ?