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PCRA SAKHYAM 2017 Online Quiz Competition - Questions and Answer List

Aug 2, 2017 | Views
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PCRA SAKHYAM 2017 Online Quiz Competition - Questions and Answer ListPCRA SAKHYAM 2017 Online Quiz Competition now going on. If you are going to register and participate in Online quiz, you must prepare before online examination. The following are few questions for PCRA Online Competition. More questions will be available soon on this page. To register for quiz, click on below link.
PCRA SAKHYAM 2017 Online Quiz Competition now going on. If you are going to register and participate in Online quiz, you must prepare before online examination. The following are few questions for PCRA Online Competition. More questions will be available soon on this page. To register for quiz, click on below link.

1) Which of the following substance is antacid?
A) NaCl
B) Mg(OH)2
D) H2SO4

2) Which of the following has more powers in money matters?
A) Lok Sabha
B) Rajya Sabha
C) Permanent Executives
D) None of the above

3) Who invented the Thermos Flask?
A) James Dewar
B) Thomas Alva Edison
C) Humphry Davy
D) Richard J. Galling

4) Which is the longest railway tunnel in the country?
A) Karbude tunnel, Konkan Railway
B) Sawarde tunnel, Konkan Railway
C) One Three Hill, Khandala - Pune line
D) Banihal Pass, Pir Panjal in Jammu & Kashmir

5) What is carbon credit?
A) It is the difference between the carbon emission allowed and actually emitted carbon
B) It is the loan amount by IMF for reducing pollution
C) It is loan given to poor people for buying Modern Stoves
D) All of the above

6) Sun is ___ million kilometers away from the earth.
A) 100
B) 150
C) 200
D) 250

7) ____ is a growth inhibitor hormone in plants.
A) Auxin
B) Cytokinin
C) Abscicic acid
D) Glbberelllc acid

8) The main constituents of pearls are __________ .
A) Calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate
B) Calcium oxide and ammonium chloride
C) Aragonite and sodium carbonate
D) Ammonium sulphate and sodium carbonate

9) Humans can be infected by _____ virus.
A) Aerosol
B) Feco-Oral route
C) Vector borne
D) All of the above

10) In rural areas, which gas can be generated and used for cooking and lighting?
A) Biogas
B) Oxygen
D) None of the above

11) The Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred in _________ in Ukraine.
A) April 1970
B) April 1979
C) April 1983
D) Aprll 1986

12) The fibres that are made by human beings are called ____ .
A) Man made or synthetic fibres
B) Natural fibres
C) Artificial fibres
D) Plastics

13) ________ is called Dwarf Planet.
A) Saturn
B) Jupiter
C) Mars
D) Pluto

14) Who among the following is a part of the political executive?
A) District Collector
B) Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs
C) Home Minister
D) Director General of Police

15) Who was also known as Vikramaditya?
A) Chandragupta - I
B) Chandragupta - II
C) Skundgupta
D) Samudragupta

16) The SI unit of wavelength Is ________ .
A) Metre
B) S1
C) Metre/second
D) Hertz

17) The shoe brand, the name of which means Victory, is. ____
A) Nike
B) Reebok
C) Adidas
D) Puma

18) The decline of Lion tailed Macaque in Western Ghats is majorly due to. ______
A) Habitat loss and fragmentation
B) Over·exploitation
C) Introduction of new species
D) Co-extinction

19) Which of the following Is the ultimate source of energy?
A) Water
B) Uranium
C) Sun
D) Fossil fuel

20) Energy efficiency is defined as ____
A) Energy that escapes in an unusable form
B) (Energy In bonds broken) - (energy In bonds formed)
C) The content of energy in a fossil fuel
D) The amount of energy extracted from a system divided by the total energy put Into the system

21) Superconductivity Is a material property associated with _______ .
A) cooling a substance without a phase change
B) friction less liquid flow
C) loss of thermal resistance
D) loss of electrical resistance

22) Scientific study of soil in their natural environment is called __ _
A) Earth Study
B) Soil Science
C) Pedology
D) Soll Chemistry

23) Venkataraman Ramakrishnan was jointly awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry in the year 2009 for the _________ . 
A) theory of electron transfer
B) studies of the structure and function of the ribosome
C) palladium catalysed cross couplircs In organic synthesis
D) work 1n the area of olefin metathesis

24) Tanti, Momin and Devangs communities were engaged in which occupation?
A) Leather works
B) Weaving
C) Wood works
D) Pottery making

25) National emblem of India has been taken from the pillar of sarnath which had_____
A) An elephant
B) Four lions
C) A lion
D) A bull

26) Environment Protection Act of 1986 is meant for __ _
A) Waste management
B ) Desert management
C) Forest management
D) Protection of human environment Including human, plants, animals and property

27) Which of the following electromagnetic wave is emitted as heat______
A) Radio Waves
B) Infrared Rays
C) Visible Light
D) Gamma Rays

28) Which planet looks reddish in the night sky?
A) Sun
B) Moon
C) Mars
D) Jupiter

29) Radioactive element which has been found to have large reserves in India_________
A) Uranium
B) Thorium
C) Radium
d) Plutonium

30) Noise pollution limit in industrial area is______
A) 95dB
B) 75dB
C) 65dB
D) 100dB

31) Liquefied petroleum gas is a mixture of ____
A) Methane and ethane
B) Propane and butane
C) Methane and butane
D) Methane and propane

32) Water boils at a lower temperature on the hills because ____
A) It is cold on the hills
B) There is less carbon dioxide on the hills
C) There is a decrease in air pressure on the hills
D) there is less oxygen

33) The animals which give birth to young ones are known as ____
A) Oviparous animals
B) Viviparous animals
C) Wild animals
D) Domestic animals

34) Vaccination helps in controlling diseases because_______
A) it develops resistance against the pathogen attack
B) it kills the pathogens causing disease
C) it blocks the food supplies to pathogens
D) it does not allow pathogens to multiply in hosts

35) Seismograph is ______
A) An instrument for photographing clouds
B) An Instrument for recording earthquake tremors
C) An instrument for measuring depths of water in the sea
D) A device for recording changes in the atmospheric pressure

36) The scientific name of Indian Tiger is ______
A) Panthera tigris
B) Panthera pardus
C) Felis tigris
D) Felis chaus

37) 3730 watts = _______ h.p.
A) 5
B) 2

C) 745
D) 6

38) BOD stands for ______
A) Biological Oxygen Demand
B) Biodegradable Organic Demand
C) Biological Oscillating Demand
D) None of the above

39) The protocol for reduction of green house gas emissions is ______
A) Kyoto protocol
B) Cartagena protocol
C) Montreal protocol
D) Vienna protocol

40) Which is India's first fully indigenous passenger car?
A) Maruti 800
B) Hyundai Sant ro
C) Daewoo Matiz
D) Tata lndica

41) Refrigeration helps in food preservation by _______
A) Killing of germs (bacteria)
B ) Reducing the rate of biochemical reaction
C) Destroying the enzyme action
D) Sealing food with a layer of ice

42) Dead long and narrow cells in a plant belong to which tissue?
A) Parenchyma
B) Scelerenchyma
C) Collenchyma
D) Phloem

43) Chaff cutter is driven by......... ?
A) Hand
B) Bullocks
C) Electric power
D) All of the above

44) For overtaking which rule is prescribed on a steep road not sufficiently wide to allow the vehicles to pass each other freely without danger?
A) The vehicle going downhill shall give precedence to vehicle going uphill.
B) The vehicle going uphill I shall give precedence to vehicle going downhill.
C) The vehicle traveling faster of the two shall get precedence.
D) The vehicle that is larger of the two shall get precedence.

45) Which of the following is a disadvantage of using petroleum as fuel ?
A) Radioactive materials are generated In the refining process.
B) It produces ozone, which contributes to global warming
C) It gives off smoke, carbon monoxide. and other pollutants when burnt
D) It can't be used in most automobiles

46) Sound travels at the fastest speed in __
A) Steel
B) Water
C) Air
D) Vacuum

47) Clean air filter of a Tractor is required because __ _
A) It filters dirt from air.
B) Sufficient quantity of air passes through It.
C) It helps In better combustion.
D) All of above

48) Removal of clear layer of the liquid without disturbing the settled solid is known as __ _
A) Sedimentation
B) beatification
C) Filtration
D) Evaporation

49) Biogas can be used for _____ _
A) Clean energy source in Kitchen.
B) For lighting purpose.
C) Byproduct of biogas slurry can be used as natural fertilizer.
D) All of above

50) Oil raise upon the wick in a lamp. The principle involves __
A) the diffusion of oil through the wick
B ) the liquid state of oil
C) capillary action
D) volatility of oil



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